Our Staff

Administrative Aide: Bridgette Boots

Administrative Council Chairperson: Gladys Jones

Administrative Council Secretary: Shelisa King-Doctor

Christian Education Chairperson: Teresa Wright

Communications Chairperson: Tim Harrod

Communications Co-Chairperson: Lisa Howard

Finance Chairperson: Elveta Peterson

Finance Secretary: Thedra Johnson

Health and Welfare Ministry Chairperson: Corrita Myers

Higher Education Coordinator: Gladys Jones

Hospitality Ministry Chairperson: Lawaun Titus

Food Pantry Chairperson: Church Office

Lay Leadership Chairperson: Linwood Reynolds

Lay Servant: Alfreda Rice

Men of Brooks Chairperson: Felix Johnson

Missions Ministry Chairperson: Linda Butler

Pastoral Assistant: Lisa Howard

Prayer Ministry Coordinator: Jane Gross

Reach Out And Touch Ministry Chairperson: Shelly Gray

Senior Ministry Coordinator: Iris Harris

Staff Parish Relations Chairperson: Beverly Brooks

Treasurer: Stacy Wills

Trustee Chairperson: Eric Washington

Trustee Co-Chairperson: Rodney Jones