Our Church History

The church, now known as Brooks United Methodist Church, was established in the 1800s. The land for the original church, called The Meeting House, was donated by Sewell Waters in 1846. Services held at The Meeting House were conducted by Mr. Daniel Morgan. The Meeting House was destroyed by fire. It was rebuilt and renamed Island Creek Church. In later years the name was changed to Brooks United Methodist Church.

During the 1800’s the church was used both as a school and a church. The church prospered rapidly and the congregation grew to about two hundred members. Consequently, the building outgrew its usefulness as a religious and educational edifice resulting in the need for a larger and better structure.

In the early spring of 1881, under the spiritual leadership of Rev. T.H. Adams, a new building was begun. Before progress on the new building had advanced very far, the old structure burned to the ground. However, the congregation continued meeting in other locations until the new church was completed. Upon its completion, the church was named Island Creek Church. Some members of the building committee at that time were; the late Thomas Brown, Daniel Rawlings, Harry Parker, Basil Kent, and Albert Gantt.

In 1908, with Rev. Abraham Jenkins as its spiritual leader, the church was modernized and was later renamed Brooks Church in honor of Mr. John I. Brooks, a local preacher, and undertaker of the community.

The congregation continued to grow and in 1959, under the pastorate of Rev. Sherman Mason and District Superintendent Rev. Hilton Parker, a new church structure was proposed. The final plans to build the new church came to fruition under the pastorate of Rev. Joseph H. Collins, District Superintendent, Rev. Hilton Parker, and builder G. Franklin Pettigrew.

The church was completed in the fall of 1968 and was dedicated on December thirteenth that same year. Also under the leadership of Rev. Joseph H. Collins, the burning of the church mortgage and the building of a new parsonage was completed in 1980. At the retirement of Rev. Joseph Collins, Rev. Aniachi C. Belu-John was appointed to Brooks United Methodist Church on July 1, 1994.

On July 1, 2000, and July 1, 2004, Brooks respectively received Rev. John D. Snowden, Jr. and its first female pastor, Rev. Kay F. Albury. During Rev. Albury’s tenure, the “Hour of Power” early morning worship service and the Multi-media Ministry were established. The male choir and the Methodist Men organizations were rekindled. On August 6, 2006, Rev. Kay F. Albury, accompanied by the District Superintendent Rev. Ianther Mills, church trustees, building committee members, contractor Sherman Smith, engineer Dan Kelsh, and consultant Englis Gray shared in the groundbreaking service to begin Phase 1 construction of an addition to the church. The present Pastor, Rev. Dr. Jason L. Robinson, was appointed spiritual leader of Brooks on July 01, 2009. Under Pastor Robinson’s pastorate, the church has experienced tremendous growth in membership and has implemented technological advancements in pursuit of spreading the word of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

With Pastor Robinson’s leadership and commitment of the Brooks congregation, several major modernizations to the church and surrounding property have occurred. This includes the paving of the church’s parking lot, renovations to the church’s kitchen, and installation of new church signage. In 2010, Brooks launched its “Kingdom Agenda” initiative to get the church out of debt in 18 months. With God’s blessings and the congregation’s devotion, Brooks successfully paid off its debt in 10 months. On May 23, 2012, Brooks burned its mortgage. 

Great strides in the areas of ministry, membership, service, and worship are being realized under the leadership of Pastor Robinson, including: Three hundred and twenty-eight new disciples have given their lives to Jesus Christ and have been added to the church’s roll.

God has moved many members to become more involved in the ministries of the church. We have successfully established a thriving children’s church – “K.I.D.S. in Divine Study”. Brooks continues to make technological and media advances for the purpose of spreading God’s word. These include On-line Worship streaming and On-Demand streaming archives capabilities. Through its On-line Worship, Brooks reaches hundreds of viewers in over 15 countries monthly.

Historically, Brooks has been a pillar of the community and a church where generations of families have worshiped and served God. Its diverse congregation endeavors to fulfill its mission which is to share the good news of God’s love for us. The congregation supports the church and the community through its participation in various ministries that are focused on spiritual nourishment, outreach, and leadership. Brooks is a church which provides the teaching of God’s Word through its sermons, bible study, and Sunday school programs. The love of Christ, family, and community is the rock on which Brooks was built and this love continues to be the foundation of the church today.

As we celebrate the 177th Anniversary of this great church, we know that with God all things are possible. God has repeatedly poured His blessings upon us. We are a ministry that embraces being A.L.I.V.E., for Jesus Christ. Come be: Awakened, Lifted, Ignited, Valued, Empowered. We thank God for the immeasurable achievements He has and continues to allow us to reach in the name of Jesus Christ. 

The favor of the Lord is upon us! We thank God for His faithfulness in allowing us to realize the expansion of the Brooks Campus – “The Nehemiah Movement.”

On September 20, 2015, Rev. Dr. Jason L. Robinson, accompanied by the District Superintendent Rev. Rebecca Iannicelli, church trustees, building committee members, state and local officials, the congregation, and contractor of Church Development Services, shared in the groundbreaking service to begin construction of a new facility. 

On October 23, 2016, Brooks celebrated a glorious day marking the “First Service” in our new church. God has called us to a high place of worship, fellowship, and discipleship. We are making disciples for Christ and impacting lives through our in-person and E-Campus worship encounters.    

Brooks Church continues to serve as a beacon for the good news of God’s love through Jesus Christ. God knows the plans He has for us; our future is at hand and now is the time to take hold of it. As we continue to “Raise the Standard” of ministry and service unto the Lord, “The Best is Yet to Come!”